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A History of the Polo Shirt: From the Fields to the Pulpits

A fashion essential  It may come as no surprise to you that one of Hammond & Harper’s best selling products are our fashionable clerical polo shirts.This fashion essential has found its way into the wardrobes of so many people as a result of the chameleon like quality they possess – which allows them to adapt […]

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Mens Special Clerical Collection

ANNOUNCING THE HAMMOND AND HARPER SPECIAL CLIP-IN COLLAR SHIRT  To compliment our renowned Clerical Collection, we are pleased to introduce our new range of Special Shirts for men. In order to expand our ever growing catalogue, we have undertaken an extensive survey with members of the clergy nationwide, to see just what shirt styles, colours and patterns […]

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Beyond Tolerance – Lessons from the war on sectarianism

DIVINE Service in a Greek Orthodox church is always a special experience, but this year’s New Year’s Day service in the Mariamite cathedral in Damascus was unlike anything I had experienced. It wasn’t the singing, the liturgy and the colour that was so different. It was the appearance of the Grand Mufti of Syria, who […]

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The Art of the Collar

Hammond & Harper was recently featured by a writer in an English Gentlemans Fashion magazine called “The Chap” (pictured right). The segment in which we featured was a Q&A section by a writer known as “The Butler”, who answers any and all questions from readers. The question that featured was one from Edward Barlow, who […]

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Each day seems to bring a new shocking headline that can make us question our faith in a world gone mad. A knife attack in London that kills one and wounds several others. A Roman Catholic priest murdered by ISIS sympathizers in France. Multiple terrorist attacks on the European continent. The uncertainty of the UK’s place in […]

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My Five Favourite Bible Verses

  There are many verses in the bible that can guide a Christian in their day to day lives. If each of us was to round up our top five verses, I’m sure our lists would differ hugely. However, I am pleased to present my own favourite verses and an explanation of the impact they’ve […]